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    New Technique



    DCS-based Thermal Process Control Technology for Glass Production Line (Rev 5.0)
    ▲ Application:
    >>Furnace, tin bath and annealing lehr for float glass production lines;
    >>Furnace, forming machine and annealing lehr for pattern (solar) glass lines;
    >>Furnace, forming machine (data collecting and monitoring) and annealing lehr for container glass production
    >>Solid sodium silicate production lines;
    >>Furnace Type: Oxygen-fuel furnace, air combustion furnace.
    ▲ Service Scope:
    >>Complete design of process detection control system;
    >>Development of personalized control application software;
    >>Integration and supply of DCS system;
    >>Supply of process instruments, control devices and complete instrument panel;
    >>Site Service: installation, commissioning, training and acceptance; long-term after-sale service;
    >> Site diagnosis and consultation service for process detection and control related problems.
    ▲ Advantages of Technology
    >>Advanced optimized control system for furnace frame reversing process;
    >> Furnace temperature compensation control technology (suitable for regenerative furnace);
    >>Advanced control strategy of furnace key thermal parameters;
    >>Advanced control strategy of tin bath exit temperature;
    >>Advanced control strategy for the MIMO(multiple-input multiple-output)of glass ribbon temperature at the annealing lehr insulation zone;
    >>High reliable and precise control technology for annealing lehr driving system;
    >>Synchronous driving control technology for pattern glass forming machine;
    >>Operation guidance for monitoring control and intelligentization;
    >>Excellent control quality;
    >> Customized human-computer interface design.